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I studied Fine Art BA (Hons) at Sunderland University, graduating in 1997, and have recently retired from full time teaching. I loved encouraging children to create art and establishing the school as an Arts Award Centre.

The stimulus for most of my work is nature, using observational drawing and photographs, which I then develop in detail using a variety of media.

I love sketching and creating landscapes, detailed line drawings and painting of natural objects based on close observation. I also enjoy life drawing and creating atmosphere in installations. Most of my work is based on memories and visual stimulus from the world around me.

For my degree show I created a personal memory installation of an enclosed backyard, through which visitors could walk through lines of sheets to a small room to watch a short film edited from old family cine films of my mother, grandmother, daughter and myself hanging out washing. I transferred family photographs onto the sheets, which drew together images from my past to create a glimpse of the fleeting memories of my childhood and a visual reminder of how random memories can appear and then vanish.

I continue to draw on personal experiences to inform my work.

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